Sunday, September 28, 2008

It's been so long, my love.

Here I sit: keyboard in lap, chapstick, cell phone, and now empty bowl of popcorn near by, Queen playing peacefully in the background. Today is already a good day.

The recent days have been intense. All week I rehersed for Oklahoma! at school. Let me confess a tiny thing: I love the stage at my school. But get this straight, it is the crappiest, lamest stage ever. It's lanolium tiles are unforgiving and slick. We never have enought room to do large dance numbers on it so people always end up dancing off in the back corner where nobody can see them (ususally me). There aren't actual seats, the audience sits in what is commonly known as the 'little gym' on chilly folding chairs. Most of the curtains are ripped and discolored. And still I love the stage. It is by far, my favorite place in the whole school. The set pieces have messages from casts and crews past scrawled all over the back sides of them. There are a million and one places to hide backstage and ambush fellow cast members, or sleep. It is like a home filled with all my peers. The drama, energy, and pain resulting only makes the stage more magical for me. Every moment on it makes me smile.

But that doesn't mean rehersal was totally enjoyable.

Also, I have a job now. Two actually. One goes directly to my pocket and the other is for the upcoming Spain/France trip in Summer '09.

This weekend has been really really strenuous. Bubba is sick, so she has been staying home and going a little crazy with the house cleaning thing. As I type, she is upstairs above my head unpacking the rebel boxes from our moving day....three years ago.

Where does the time go? Two years living here already?? Wow. Anyways...

Today I plan on avoiding housework and totally vegging out in front of the computer. i want to catch up on my story that I'm writing. Perhaps I'll do some sewing later.

It's gotten hard to do a ton of crafting, as predicted. Hopefully I'll get a brillant idea for a product that will be small enough to take in my purse and work on at school. lately all my ideas have involved intensive amounts of sewing.

I'll have pics of my latest endevours soon, hopefully my dear sister will let me borrow her AMAZING camera. It's disgustingly good at taking better pictures than my poopy little thing.

Okay, enought rambling. hope you all are doing well, I just wanted to post an update!

All my love,