Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Crazy Fast Update

There's been a case of The Crazys around here. My stack of crocheted hats has reached dangerously close to the overflowing point. Where are they coming from?! I swear, I don't remember making half of them. :P

Tomorrow is the ACT. Need I say, YIKES?!! For those who don't know, the ACT is a HUGE-MASSIVE standardized test that all juniors in high school take, nationwide. It's only what colleges now base most of their entrances on. No pressure. Psht. None at all.

*Faints from the pressure*

At least we get the rest of the day off afterwards.

Then on Thursday there is the PSAE, another state standardized test, and on Friday I leave to go down state for the state competition of Science Olympiad. More thinking. Ugggg, I'm going to be so braindead!!!!!! At least it's a nice long bus ride, so I'll be able to nap a whole bunch. And the hotel we are staying in has a pool. Bonus! Haha.

So this week is insane and maybe, eventually, I will update the shop. *sigh* I've been renewing my items weekly in order to pretend like I'm keeping on top of things. Key word, pretend.

Okay, study time.
Have fantabulous weeks all of you. I'll try to post after my head stops spinning.
-Carolyn Michelle