Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Whoa. Haven't been on this page in a while. Life is finally slowing down, like the whole world is finally exhaling again after many months of breath-holding. I don't really know what to think about all this...sudden inactivity. I'm so accustomed to only arriving home late at night that now, I can hardly recognize the place in daylight. Okay, so that's a mild exaggeration, but I have been getting home after school, finishing homework, doing some dishes and then looking to the clock to see it's only...four o' clock?!!?? What now?

I found a whole slew of hats that I don't remember making. Well, okay, I do remember making hats. I remember making hats in a desperate attempt to stay awake during various classes, but I do not remember making such a large quantity of hats. I must have been more spazzy than I thought. Thank goodness Show Choir is over with for this year. I will miss the stage time, though. As you may have guessed, I'm a bit of an attention freak.

So, in other news, I'm teaching a group of Girl Scouts how to sew and alter their own clothing on this Friday. Pretty cool.

Okay, I ought to get something done.
Carolyn Michelle

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Thanks guys!

All your awesome comments about my good fortune make me feel so special! I am really happy to have readers like you. *bows to your nice-ness* Love you all!!

Life is about to get crazy, like so crazy that I'll have no idea which way is up and which way is down. It's show weekend for my school's Singsation (singing and dancing in sparkly costumes on a cramped stage) and I happen to be performing. Tomorrow is opening night and I don't think I have ever been so ready in my life. I have mentioned in the past that I love theater to death so I'm guessing you understand that this is going to be a huge rush for me. :D Besides, I'm hosting the opening night cast party.

Haha, my parents must be crazy in the head for allowing thirty make-up and hairspray covered teenagers to come and rave in our house. Bubba, if you are reading this, thanks again. You have done so much work this week for me and my ca-razy friends. Love you!!!

So, this weekend is going to be a whirlwind of curling irons, costume changes, dance shoes, and sporadic bouts of attempted homework in between wild fits of partying. I'm excited. But once it's done, I'll have nothing to do besides chores and homework. So there will certainly be a huge amount of "Oh no! I have no life now" crafting going on at mi casa in the weeks to come.

I just have to survive next week and then I have SPRING BREAK!!!!! Glorious, glorious spring break. There hopefully will be a Fiber Freaks event. I'll keep you posted.

And Jenn, you are so strong!!!! I'm keeping Shelby and your whole family in my prayers!! I love you guys! And on Saturday there may be a super-secret-covert-Carolyn stopping at your house to drop off a little something I've been putting together for Shelby.

For those who don't know, Shelby is one of the three sisters I babysit for. She has been in the hospital for the last week, at least. Read her mom Jenn's blog here. And keep their family in your prayers, they really need it.

Okay, I suppose I should attempt to get all this make-up off my face before I pass out.

Good night one and all, sorry for the ramble-ness.

Love, Carolyn Michelle

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A Day of Good News

Hellooooo everybody!

Long time no blog, eh? I have very little time on my hands right now, so I'm trying to keep this brief. Here's the scoop: Today is full of good stuff.

Good thing #1: I just got done doing a photo shoot with my mom and sister. The three of us are going to be featured in Rockford Woman's Magazine in the May issue. The article is about mothers and their daughters and what they have in common. Our family's crafty-ness and my shop are going to be featured in the article!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good thing #2: My Chaim Mail fingerless gloves got featured in a treasury on Etsy. Check it out here if you feel so inclined. :)

And finally, the most exciting and crazy Good thing of the day...


Oh. My. Gracious. I'm studying Fashion Construction for two weeks this July. In Chicago. At School of the Art Institute. I can hardly believe it. Hardly. I just, wow. I'm so excited. Excited doesn't even cover it. I'm enthralled, I'm spasmodically amazed. I'm I'm I'm....ready. This is going to be so great.

Show Choir will be done with after this weekend so hopefully I'll have loads of free time to catch up on my Etsy-work (and my house work, and my school work...yikes)

Talk to you guys later.
Much love!
-Carolyn Michelle