Monday, January 31, 2011

Propaganda Candy Benefit Event!!

Propaganda Candy is happy to announce that we have a benefit craft show coming up this weekend to support a friend who is suffering from colon cancer. Come on out and do some good by supporting colon cancer awareness and visiting your favorite crazy crafters at the Propaganda Candy booth.

WHO: Propaganda Candy
WHAT: "I Wear Blue to Support Colon Cancer" Benefit Craft Show
WHERE: South Beloit American Legion
WHEN: 10 AM-4 PM February 5th 2011
WHY: To raise money for Faye Long's colon cancer treatment
HOW: Get in your car and drive on over!

More info can be found on the Facebook event page.

Check it out, and we hope to see you there!!!

-Carolyn Michelle & Samantha Marie

Another exciting tidbit about this event is that basically my entire family is showing there: Dear Lady Bubs, MooMoo, Beaky, and Grandma Beth all have tables that will be filled to the max with awesome. So if, for some reason, Propaganda Candy is not enticing to you, there is a good chance you will find something else to tickle your fancy.

So, yes, you should come.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Well, it has been quiet here for a while, huh? That's because I've been in the middle of doing a bit of a major overhaul on the LLH shop. I am happy to announce that the shop is RE-OPENED!!!

But that's not all....

Luck, Love, and Hedgehogs Design's profits now go towards one of these top-rated charities: World Vision
Compassion International

So you can feel even more good about buying handmade goods from the Luck, Love, and Hedgehogs Design shop! I am very excited about this big change: it has been something I've been wanting to do for a while now. To know that your work is something that brings in money is quite a good feeling, but to know that your work is helping change the world for the better is an amazing feeling.

I could go on and on about feeling called to give back and feeling so blessed with my talents. This is the least I could do with what I have been given. Check out the etsy and the new Facebook page for updates as the shop starts out again.

In other news:

Propaganda Candy is still up and kickin', no worries there. Head on over to our Facebook to see the line-up of shows for the summer as soon as we release it!

Winter break is rolling to a close and I will be quite happy to get back to school. I have enjoyed my time at home, but I'm ready to be back on my own. And besides, I miss my NIU family. :)

Hope the holidays were wonderful for everyone else! Stay warm!
-Carolyn Michelle

Monday, December 13, 2010

Prayers, once again...

Please pray for my girl Shelby and her whole family. She is, as I type, in a surgery that is projected to take five hours. That's a long time for all of us who are waiting. That's a long time for the doctors. That's a long time for her.

So please, pray for her and everyone involved.

Carolyn Michelle

Follow the events of Shelby's surgery here.

Monday, December 6, 2010

We are ALL mad here....

....mad about hats, that is:

Top: Michael's Monster Hat
Bottom: Hannah's Narwhal Hat

What fun hats to be commissioned to make! I was also commissioned to make a plushie, that I finished but cannot post because it is for a gift.

Feeling so festive.

Happy Monday!

Carolyn Michelle

Monday, November 22, 2010

What up, Buttercup? Another update in pictures....

Well, this is an unusually warm day for Midwestern November: it's 65 degrees!!! What the what?! Hey, I'm not complaining.

So, what's up? I'll tell you what's up: insanity. Rapidly approaching are my first semester of college finals as well as portfolio reviews for my are classes. Uhhhh......yikes? Yeah. Roger that.

But before I melt with the stress of my college classes, I get the sheer joy of flying out to see my sailor for FIVE WHOLE DAYS. I
leave on Wednesday (in precisely 47 hours). In all honesty, words cannot do justice to the excitement that keeps making me giggle like a school-girl.

Don't judge me! I haven't seen him since his graduation on October 4th. That's a long time. I know you know that. You are smart. You can count. And stuff.

The DeviantART obsession continues (no I do not have it opened
in another tab.....stop judging me!) as I have officially posted 50 deviations. It is indeed spiffy.

In other news, my hat making sales have really been booming. So far I've made a narwhal hat for Hannah-from-the-first-floor and have been commissioned to make hats for Long-Lost-Cousin-Andrew-who-wants-a-simple-hat, Michael-who-wants-a-hat-that-looks-like-a-monster, and Jax-who-wants-to-be-the-one-and-only-"Jax-a-lope"-with-antlers-on-her-hat.

So. Looks like I know what I'm doing on the plane! Crochet hooks can be taken on board, yes?

In other, other news, I got to spend some time with some of my favorite people this weekend: Tara, Bubba, and Daddy. :) Before heading home for the weekend, we saw a shadow performance of Rocky Horror Picture Show (featuring Jax as the criminologist) here in town. T'was fun. A relaxing weekend (despite the disturbing nature of Rocky Horror, I was able to sleep well) complete with our first ever fire in our fireplace.

We've lived there for...oh....five years now? Yeah. We're a lil slow with the fireplace thing.

And I got to hang out with the Martin Girls! Though it was not in the best of locations: Shelby is in the hospital again. Click that link to see some of the spiffy crafty work Tara, Shelby, and I were doing. That doll was so well dressed.

Now, the pictures:
1. Jacque the Zombie: an accidental piece of artwork created on my paint pallet
2. Doraleous at Target: the plushie Doraleous I crocheted a while back. He goes everywhere with us. Perhaps I shall post the full adventures of Doraleous at a later date...
3. Tara modeling for Propaganda Candy's new items. Check out the shop and admire all of my fav sister's photo work for us!!!

Have a blessed Thanksgiving!
Carolyn Michelle

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Obsessed?! Who, me???

Cough-cough. Obsessed with DeviantART? Me? Absurd.


(Thirty-one deviations in two weeks)

Okay. So?

(Hours and hours on the groups page)


(More time spent on there than facebook)


(Blogger and facebook combined)

Shut up.

Me on DeviantART


Monday, October 4, 2010

Hello Sailor!!

What a fabulous weekend.
Two months is a long time.
A very long time, indeed.

I have renewed amazement for all those who go for even longer than we did without seeing each other in order to defend our great nation. What strength!

I love you Caleb!!

-Carolyn Michelle