Monday, November 22, 2010

What up, Buttercup? Another update in pictures....

Well, this is an unusually warm day for Midwestern November: it's 65 degrees!!! What the what?! Hey, I'm not complaining.

So, what's up? I'll tell you what's up: insanity. Rapidly approaching are my first semester of college finals as well as portfolio reviews for my are classes. Uhhhh......yikes? Yeah. Roger that.

But before I melt with the stress of my college classes, I get the sheer joy of flying out to see my sailor for FIVE WHOLE DAYS. I
leave on Wednesday (in precisely 47 hours). In all honesty, words cannot do justice to the excitement that keeps making me giggle like a school-girl.

Don't judge me! I haven't seen him since his graduation on October 4th. That's a long time. I know you know that. You are smart. You can count. And stuff.

The DeviantART obsession continues (no I do not have it opened
in another tab.....stop judging me!) as I have officially posted 50 deviations. It is indeed spiffy.

In other news, my hat making sales have really been booming. So far I've made a narwhal hat for Hannah-from-the-first-floor and have been commissioned to make hats for Long-Lost-Cousin-Andrew-who-wants-a-simple-hat, Michael-who-wants-a-hat-that-looks-like-a-monster, and Jax-who-wants-to-be-the-one-and-only-"Jax-a-lope"-with-antlers-on-her-hat.

So. Looks like I know what I'm doing on the plane! Crochet hooks can be taken on board, yes?

In other, other news, I got to spend some time with some of my favorite people this weekend: Tara, Bubba, and Daddy. :) Before heading home for the weekend, we saw a shadow performance of Rocky Horror Picture Show (featuring Jax as the criminologist) here in town. T'was fun. A relaxing weekend (despite the disturbing nature of Rocky Horror, I was able to sleep well) complete with our first ever fire in our fireplace.

We've lived there for...oh....five years now? Yeah. We're a lil slow with the fireplace thing.

And I got to hang out with the Martin Girls! Though it was not in the best of locations: Shelby is in the hospital again. Click that link to see some of the spiffy crafty work Tara, Shelby, and I were doing. That doll was so well dressed.

Now, the pictures:
1. Jacque the Zombie: an accidental piece of artwork created on my paint pallet
2. Doraleous at Target: the plushie Doraleous I crocheted a while back. He goes everywhere with us. Perhaps I shall post the full adventures of Doraleous at a later date...
3. Tara modeling for Propaganda Candy's new items. Check out the shop and admire all of my fav sister's photo work for us!!!

Have a blessed Thanksgiving!
Carolyn Michelle