Saturday, November 14, 2009

Not another...

Not another blog post starting with the phrase: "Wow it's been a while." It seems to be the trend this time of year. I can't tell you how many blog posts I've just got done reading that began the same way. It just seems that nobody has been keeping up anymore! Oh well....if you can't beat 'em...

Here we go:

Wow, it's been a while!

Some quick updates before I start any new banter:

The Bethesda Alley Walk was a success for me, but not so much for my mother and sister. It's a shame that it turned out that way, because that means I probably will not be able to show there next year. A solo show just is not in the books right now.

School has started and now is in full swing. Between all the play practices and homework I finally managed to finish my first (and only) afghan. In down time during my Journalism class, I've been teaching some of my classmates how to crochet.

The college search has wound down to a close. I have my sights set on NIU's Art program. Now all that's left is to get accepted and get a billion scholarships.


I'd rather tat a bedspread then burn it than have this crazy anticipation. (If you know how to tat, I think you appreciate that allusion)

In new-er news:

There is another Fiber Freaks Event on the horizon....



When? On November 27th, 2009 (Aka, Black Friday)

What Time? 10AM-10PM (Aka, Open House)

Where? At 16027 Campbell Road (Aka, The Glenny Farm)

Who? Awesome crafty people who'd rather make some Christmas presents (Aka, YOU!!)

Are you excited by the prospect of waking up at the crack of dawn on November 27th just so that you can stand in long, boring lines and fight with some half-crazed soccer mom about who saw the Tickle-Me-Elmo first? I didn’t think so.

This year, take matters into your own hands: join your favorite Fiber Freaks for the first ever Beat Black Friday craft-a-thon. There's no limit to what you can make: be it a potential gift for a loved one, or just something experimental. So, come on over, bring your projects, and kick-off the Christmas season by doing something that’s low on stress and nice to the wallet. Because, seriously, who wants to spend more time and money on those exhausting shopping trips?

Now, I am aware that my readers (if I have any left) are probably not going to be in the Rockford, IL area during the Thanksgiving season. So why am I posting all the info about the Fiber Freak's Beat Black Friday event? Because I want to inspire my readers to try and organize their own Black Friday event in order to spread the crafty love and save some moolah. So, bust out your yarn stash and snag Santa's list on November 27th. Make this Christmas a handmade holiday! Oh, yah, and don't forget to post a blog about it and tell me how it went!!!

So there you have it folks: this post is proof that the insanity continues, even when I fail to document it on this lovely blog! I'm making an effort to stay back online, just because I miss you all so darn much.

All my love,

Carolyn Michelle