Friday, August 27, 2010

Chain one, teach too!

Another adventure in teaching crochet will be heading to a college campus near you!

That's right folks, I am at it again with this wild idea that I should teach people how to crochet. Brilliant, huh?

Usually, this teaching happens at my house, in a loud, party-type setting. Not this time, oh no. I'm taking it outside (weather permitting) and teaching crochet in public.

Now, this might not sound like much. I crochet by myself in public all the time! But this time I am teaching crochet. My fervent hope is that people walking by us will go, "Hey whoa wait! What is this?!" and stop, stare, and stitch with us.

Think it'll happen? Stay tuned: my first teach-in-public day is Saturday. We shall see, hmmmmm?

All my love,
Carolyn Michelle

Photo Source: a vintage collection.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A List of Things I've Done Lately:

Lists seem to be the most practical way of describing life lately. This is what has happened:

1. Propaganda Candy was officially registered as a business. Yay IRS and responsibilities as an official business owner! (Aug. 5th-ish)
2. Caleb left for boot camp (Aug. 2nd)
3. I moved to college (Aug. 19th)
4. I worked with kids and horses (All summer)
5. Sammi and I got asked to be the "Crafty Goddesses" of the dorm floor I live on (Yesterday)
6. I got a account (Sometime last weekend) (Add me!) (CreativeCooby)
7. One of my best friends, (and roommate at college) got engaged (Aug. 12th....I think)
8. Classes started (Aug. 23rd)
9. I got a new phone (Aug. 24)
10. I made another sale for LLH design (Aug. 22)

This is not in any particular order, as you may have guessed. The decision has been reached, at least in my mind, that I will attempt to sell the remaining items in the Luck, Love, and Hedgehogs shop in the Propaganda Candy Shop. This crossover will be happening I-don't-know-when, but soon. All we are waiting on now seems to be our photographer (my sister) who still needs to send us the images of our products that we will be using in our shop.

With no more Luck, Love, and Hedgehogs Shop for the time being, at least, this blog will become my own personal blog...which is basically what it was to begin with...right? Right. major changes. Okay. All is well. :)

All my love,
Carolyn Michelle

Photo: From my Dorm Window: a Sunset over NIU, Aug 21, 2010