Monday, January 31, 2011

Propaganda Candy Benefit Event!!

Propaganda Candy is happy to announce that we have a benefit craft show coming up this weekend to support a friend who is suffering from colon cancer. Come on out and do some good by supporting colon cancer awareness and visiting your favorite crazy crafters at the Propaganda Candy booth.

WHO: Propaganda Candy
WHAT: "I Wear Blue to Support Colon Cancer" Benefit Craft Show
WHERE: South Beloit American Legion
WHEN: 10 AM-4 PM February 5th 2011
WHY: To raise money for Faye Long's colon cancer treatment
HOW: Get in your car and drive on over!

More info can be found on the Facebook event page.

Check it out, and we hope to see you there!!!

-Carolyn Michelle & Samantha Marie

Another exciting tidbit about this event is that basically my entire family is showing there: Dear Lady Bubs, MooMoo, Beaky, and Grandma Beth all have tables that will be filled to the max with awesome. So if, for some reason, Propaganda Candy is not enticing to you, there is a good chance you will find something else to tickle your fancy.

So, yes, you should come.

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In Christ,

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