Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Staying Inside Today

Today was the day that I had slated for finishing all my papers about my Spain and France trip. Lucky for me when I woke up at ten this morning, I discovered it was a terribly icky, rainy day. That meant that there would be not temptation whatsoever to go and run around and not do my work.

So I did my work...and after eight hours of good, hard work with only one long break: I'M DONE!!!!!!

And at an estimated sixty pages total, my assignments are all printed off and ready to be delivered to Ms. Webb, my dear art teacher, who will be grading them all for me while I galavant about in Chicago. This is a huge sigh of relief.

Now all that's left to do is clean the house. Ugggggggg cleaning.

But today was a very productive "staying-inside-today" day. I got my papers done and updated the shop (thanks to the hat-modeling talent of Tara, which you see above). What a good girl I am! Now, if only there were some ice cream in this household with which to celebrate my goodness. But alas, we are ice cream deprived.

Good night everybody!

Carolyn Michelle

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sunnie fairy said...

I don't like cleaning, either.