Monday, May 24, 2010

A Weekend in List Form, or, The Insanity of Growing Up

Yes, yes. It seems my attentions have been driven yet again far from thoughts of updating this blog. Hmmm....why is that? I have developed an easily-understood list for you, because "easy" is all I can do right now. So, in no particular order, things distracting me:

1. My dear friend Shelby, in whose hospital room I am sitting right now.
2. Graduation from High School yesterday.
3. Reaffirmation of my faith via baptism yesterday.
4. A crazy-intense Grad Party at my house yesterday.
5. My darling boyfriend Caleb's birthday tomorrow.
6. The initial success of my latest crafty endeavor with Samantha Marie, the bee queen.

Regarding #1: Shelby is the middle daughter of the family I babysit for. She has been in the hospital for almost a week because of wonky white blood cell numbers. I have the honor of being the first non-family member to have a sleepover with her in the hospital.

Regarding #2-4: Just. Wow.

Regarding #5: He'll be 20, I'll feel old. What does one get for a guy leaving for the Navy in just over a month??

Regarding #6: Read all about it here on the official Propaganda Candy blog.

Now, sleep does come.

Have a blessed time-period-until-the-next-post.

All my love,
Carolyn Michelle

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