Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Snow of the decade?

Soldiers in a snowball fight at Camp Grant, Rockford, IL
"A storm is developing...Tonight it will move across Missouri and west central Illinois to near Chicago by daybreak on Wednesday. This will be the most intense winter storm to affect the Stateline area in at least 10 years. Snow is expected to become very heavy tonight and possibly become convective with thunder and lightning." (mystateline.com 12/8/2009)
So, snow day for me? Or just another hyped-up case of the flurries? I'm hoping for the first option. I've already got grand plans for cleaning and Christmas decorating tomorrow.
Go bundle up!
-Carolyn Michelle

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Danielle said...

hey um i have some questions about patterns for chickens :] there are some super cute ones but i need lots 'o help reading them :] um i'll bring stuff to school tuesday :] i'm going to buy the yarn and stuff today so i should have everything. Thanks!