Saturday, February 13, 2010

To the AM Michael's Shoppers:

To all the other ladies sitting in the parking lot of Michael's at 8:45 AM this morning: thank you.

Perhaps I did not share any conversation in those awkward moments before the store opened, but what I experienced was something far more special. I shared my unspoken presence with other dedicated and time-constrained crafters like me. I showed up to shop for crafty goods fifteen minutes before the store even opened and found that I was not alone. Ladies, I commend you; you reminded me that I'm not a loser, even if I show up to get some geeky supplies before the craft store opens.

Well, if I am a loser, at least I'm not alone. And seriously, why don't they just open at 8 on Saturdays?! Every crafty chick knows that the early morning hours are the prime moments for yarn, screenprinting emmulsion, and glitter glue purchases.

Perhaps I'll write to the CEO.

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