Tuesday, May 11, 2010

What Your Mother Always Told You, or, A New Way To Wash Your Hands

I was a dirty child. I loved to make messes and drag them all over the house. If it wasn't a dirt/grim-filled mess, it was a whirlwind of toys, papers, and a hoard of craft projects. Not much has changed besides the acuteness of my motor skills, and even that is debatable sometimes.

My whole life, the one thing tying my down and keeping me from plummeting into the abyss of clutter-filled madness has been the other people guarding the order in my life. Who are these guardians of sanity and neatness? Hmm...

Mothers. My biological mother and all the additional mothers who pitched in to raise me right: Bubba, Grandma Beth, Grandma Kay, and Aunt Moo Moo, just to name a few key players. Without them, I would definitely be an untamed, unruly explosion of destructive creativity that is unable to do anything from start to finish. Through their years of dedicated persistence that I do wash my hands and don't keep bringing out more projects when I have a zillion going I have grown up to be a still-insane yet much more socially acceptable human being.

On Mother's Day I celebrated not only my mother, Bubba, but also these supportive mothers who kept all my fingers attached while I endeavored to explore art while under their watchful eyes. Thank you, ladies. I am quite glad that you put up with me and helped make me what I am today.

Grandma Beth taught me to crochet, to make apricot preserves, to sew on a machine without losing a finger, to read patterns, and to be a world-class bargain hunter.

Grandma Kay taught me how to sew by hand, to make my own patterns, to embroider, to bake a pie, to play hostess, and to tend a garden.

Aunt Moo Moo was my first crochet student. She taught me to be patient while teaching others, to get excited as they learn, and to be amazed when their skill surpasses my own.

And Bubba. I cannot even begin to list the things my mother has taught me through the years.

Thank you.

In other news: The Pec Thing is fast approaching! May 15-16, 8 am-5 pm. Propaganda Candy is lookin' good. Pics next time??

Also, I am proud to announce that this post is courtesy of me getting up on time via Wake-up Call de Caleb. Baby steps, baby steps. Maybe eventually I'll wake up on my own.


-Carolyn Michelle

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Coralee said...

Very touching, Carolyn! These women in your life should be very pleased with your love and gratitude!