Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Fiber Freaks Update

Sorry about the long wait for this post. Life went a little berzerk for a while. Getting back into the swing of school is almost as hard as going back at all. My alarm clock is SO not my best friend right now.

Okay, without further ado, here are some quick shots from the Fiber Freaks party on Saturday December 27th:

Top to bottom: My new sewing machine!!!!!!!!!, the jelly donut pinchusion I found time to make, Sammi (in blue) making some shrinky dinks with Jessie Jo crocheting in the background, and me, freaking out a little.
The party was a total success. Everybody made some super spiffy stuff. I only wish I had a ton more pictures to show you. The whole thing was like a whirlwind, I only remembered to ask Tara to get her camera out at the last second. Too bad, there were some great projects. Such as:
-Sammi's rainbow crocheted american girl doll turbin
-Jessie Jo's Huge massive lime green knitted scarf
-Rachael's crocheted acorn
-Tara's tiny tiny tiny shrinky dink cupcake
-Kody's crocheted bug
-Dan's crocheted...thing
-Danielle's crocheted "Texas tie"
And about a trillion others.
There are a few more pictures on my Flickr so check em out!
In other news, two new shop items, go look!!!
Love you lots!!!
-Carolyn Michelle

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