Tuesday, February 10, 2009


The Toy Society: Bushfires: thetoysociety@gmail.com
I'm sure you've all heard, but wildfires are sweeping Australia. Thousands are left homeless and as of yesterday, the death toll is 173. Personally, it's hard for me to imagine being forced out of my home and wondering whether or not my house will be reduced to a pile of ashes by the time I am able to get back. These fires are personal for me because I know many crafters through the Internet who are based in Australia.

You may recall my involvement with The Toy Society, which began in Australia. If any of you are looking for crafty ways to get involved with relief efforts, you may want to read The Society's blog here as they have some good links. You can always make a plushie and send it off to Toy Society members in Australia who will make sure it gets into the hands of someone in need. Just send them an email for the information: thetoysociety@gmail.com

And the Red Cross always works, too.

Crafters, let's reach out!

Carolyn Michelle

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