Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I was featured!

Long time no blog.

Wow, life is crazy. I only have a few minutes to post this little blurb about the Treasury I got featured in, on Etsy. You can see it here if you check it out within the next few days. But hurry, Treasuries sadly are not permanent. But, it is exciting to be featured nonetheless. :D

Good deal.

In other news, I got two orders from people at school this week. One netted hat and a whopping TWENTY TWO crocheted chocolates. Wow. My whole purse has become infested with the things. I'm almost done and hopefully, at some point soon, I'll get enough "me time" that I'll be able to hot glue all the little buggers into their wrappers.

Still got lots to do, this is my only free night this week...I'm beginning to forget what my house looks like; I'm never home. :P

Hope you guys are having wonderful weeks and are staying warm *fingers freeze off*
Carolyn Michelle

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