Thursday, June 11, 2009


I'd like to offer my very hearty welcome to Summer 2009, and boy, does it ever promise to be crafty!! I've got loads to do in these next three months including attending School of the Art Institute Chicago for two weeks and registering Luck, Love, and Hedgehogs Design to get a Federal ID Number. How exciting is that??? I know I mentioned that I was planning on registering MONTHS ago...but, well....yeah. Not even going to TRY and find an excuse for that one.

In other less...procrastination-oriented news, I've discovered a new craft: Bookbinding. Now, I can already hear you all shouting, "CAROLYN MICHELLE!!! Bookbinding is not a NEW craft!!!! It's practically the oldest one there is, spare making loincloths out of animal fur!!! Are you daft??"

I know, I know, but it's new to me! In two days I have perfected the art of Coptic binding. Okay, maybe not perfected, but let's just say I accomplished binding three books with minimal outbursts of obscenities-not-to-be-named. That's quite an accomplishment when it comes to me learning new crafts. Let's not re-live the time I tried to teach myself to knit. Yikes. Nobody ever said I was a fast, non-violent learner.

But yes, bookbinding is definitely up there on my "new favorite passions" list. I've been obsessively hoarding scrap paper with which to practice new binding stitches on.

On a completely different note, SPAIN AND FRANCE IN THREE DAYS AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Not that I'm excited out of my mind, or anything like that. No, certainly not. I'm going to be nabbing paper at every chance I get while I'm abroad to feed my new-found bookbinding love/obsession. Pouvez-vous nous dire l'amour du papier? Can you say, paper love?

I'll be back in the States on Wednesday, June 24th with lots and lots of loot to share. Hopefully, my new camera will cooperate much better than my old one, which would make it far easier to upload loverly pics for you all to see!

Have a lovely week, and do share your all your adventures. I can't wait to read all about them when I get back. :3

Carolyn Michelle

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