Sunday, September 5, 2010

Another Sale and the Saga of a Hard Fail

Well. Isn't that spiffy, hmm? Miss Zombie Deer will be headed off to her new home on Tuesday.

I was quite fond of the Zombie deer couple, as were many of my friends. If I can get some felt here to the dorm room, perhaps I'll have to make a whole woodland zombie set!

What an idea. i just need to get all my gear together...

Side Note About my Gear: The other day, I was asked by a girl down the hall to d a favor. Well, I guess it wasn't really a favor favor since she offered to pay me in food. But, anyways, Julie handed me her new ballet slippers and asked if I could stitch the straps in place for her. Apparently when you buy new ballet slippers, the elastic cross-straps arrive unattached. Who knew? So I consented, thinking, "this will take two seconds on my awesome-tastic wonder machine!" Yeah. Well, it would take two seconds on my awesome-tastic wonder machine if I had the cords with which to plug it in!!

Fail. Hard fail.

So, there I sat, stitching thick elastic ballet slipper straps by hand. It took a little longer that two seconds, let me tell you, but by the power of my calloused thumbs I got it done. Hoorah! And subsequently got money for food in return! Double hoorah!

I just noticed that this post title rhymes.

In other news: The crocheting-teaching party went well. Very well. I successfully taught two people (one was a boy!) to crochet twith confidence. The others who joined us (there ended up being about five or six in total) did well, but still needed some assistance from time to time.

As it is getting colder here, I am feeling the push to make hats, scarves, and mittens. College kids need them!! I need food!!

On that note, I shall tell you the moral of this post: never blog when you are hungry.

Off to the dining hall for brunch.
Carolyn Michelle

Ps: I'm on Ravelry now!! CreativeCooby

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