Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A New Disease: Scarf-Mania

It started simply: a pattern I found on Ravelry. It was a gorgeous scarf with double-crochet cluster mesh sections...I was smitten.

I rendered the beauty in a silky yet economical medium: Caron's Simply Soft in a shimmering grey/silver. Visions of myself wearing a darling Little Black Dress and this scarf to Caleb's graduation began to dance in my head...oh the romance! Oh the love! Oh the awesomeness of wearing a beautiful scarf and being the most beautiful princess at the ball!!!!!

Reality check: I am not a princess. Nor is there a ball in my future.

I awoke from my double-crochet mesh cluster (DCMC) stupor to discover the aftermath of my episode into Crochet-Lala-Land:

  1. A semi-well made grey mini shawl. The reality of my ability to follow a pattern without changing it to my own mash-up.
  2. The beginnings of a salmon-pink DCMC scarf made lengthwise. This was born with watching America's Got Talent last night. I suppose in my insanity I decided Prince Poppycock should have worn one while he sang Nessum Dorma (watch me swoon).
  3. A green, teal, and blue DCMC scarf also worked long-ways...but with three skeins at once. I was drawing "perfect cubes" for my Drawing 100 class. What do you expect?
I do not think health services here at NIU will know how to treat my newly acquired disease: scarf-mania. Hopefully these scarves will sell well in the Propaganda Candy Booth at the Pec Thing. If only I had some Fiber Freaks here at The Ni-You to share my woes with.

We could make a support group!!!!!

All my love,
Carolyn Michelle

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kelise said...

LoveloveLOVE scarves!! I have atleast to drawers full of them, mostly made by my mum. In my oppinion, you can NEVER get enough scarves!