Friday, June 27, 2008

Get Well Soon, Computer!

Our home computer has taken yet another nose-dive. The Internet has been s l o w beyond all meaning of the word. This means I will not be able to get on until someone fixes it. I think it might be a virus. Oh dear.

No sales yet, but that's okay. I'm just starting, after all!

Today Tara and I are going with Grandma Beth (sewing hero) to the 'Purses Through The Ages' exhibit at Midway Museum. This is going to be really fun! I hope to get some inspiration for new designs of LL&H purses.

But tell me, is this sad? I'm using my really super spiffy purse made out of old vinyl records when I go out today. Know why? Because I get insane amounts of complements on it. And since we are going to a purse exhibit, there will be purse junkies there who will comment on it, and then I can give them my business card and get more people viewing the shop!!! Bruhahahahahaha I shall conquer the world with my marketing schemes! *ahem* yes. Okay...

So guess what I got today? Sewing Hero Grandma Beth has struck again, this time as the Yarn Hero. She waltzes in to Bubba's office with a Target bag full of beige yarn. Guess how much? Four skeins weighing in at one pound each. WOW. I'll never have to buy skin-tone yarn again! Horray for Yarn Heros!

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