Wednesday, June 18, 2008


For the past three days I have been stuck at home. Stranded, really. It's kind of annoying knowing that in my wallet lies my driver's license, the key to freedom, which I cannot use. Both my parents have been leaving early in the morning so that means no car, no truck. The tractors are still here but, tractors are a bit of a stretch...especially driving the 30+ minutes into Rockford.

So here I am! At home, with my younger sister. Sometimes the most random things can come from the boredom of homebound-ness. For example, yesterday I spent the entire day cleaning my room. I mean the entire day. It was...odd, actually. I kept finding yarn under my bed, even after I thought I had it all rounded up, more yarn appeared. Strange, no?

In other news, I'm joining my first ever swap on! After, what, a year or so of lurking? Haha. The name of the swap is 'The Completely Random Swap' so it has the making to be a fine first swap for me. Huzzah for random!

And wow, I was just checking my Craftster account ant you will not believe how many people commented on my prom dress!!!! AHHHH!!!! I am beyond words! People are so freaking's unbelieveable. It just makes my day that much better. It', get lovely praise and words of encouragement from people you don't know, have never met, and never will meet. It's so reassuring to know that people are supportive of each other, even if they have nothing in common besides the desire to create. That is magic, pure magic and grace. It makes me so thankful that I have some remote talents that I can share...

Okay, I'm rambling. It's just so hard to put down in words how lucky I feel everytime someone looks at my work and says "now that is amazing." I feel so....proud and complete. When you make something, you put part of yourself into it, and when people affirm that what you have made is beautiful, it's sort of like being told that you, yourself are beautiful. I don't know, it's just nice to hear. Maybe I'm self-centered, but this certainly makes me feel all warm and fuzzy.

Alright, that's enough for now I suppose.

All my love,

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