Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Houston, we have a problem...

Our home computer has literally blown up. The hard drive as been dignosed as completely corrupted with most of the files on it being unretrievable. Yikes. That's a major problem for me, because not only do I have my crochet patterns saved on that hard drive, but also all the pictures of my creations, all my pictures of Italy, Prom, and well, everything. And let me tell you, it is driving me bonkers not being able to post pictures or check my etsy. I'm bumming the Internet off of my cousin right now...

In other news, it's straw bailing season here on the farm and you know what that means? Manual labor. I over worked myself yesterday so being the whimp I am, I took the day off of bailing to babysit Eliana and Dylan, my cousin's kids. Tara is doing most of the work, because she's in training to take over as chief babysitter when I go away to school. Fun, fun.

I want my computer back. 

All my love,

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