Monday, July 7, 2008


I've been doing some lurking around Craftster and Etsy. During these 'lurking sessions' I've become suddenly inspired to get off the computer and go make stuff gosh darn it!

But first, some craft-related updates:

I received a package in the mail last week from New Zealand. Why, you may ask, am I getting stuff from NZ? Because I met an amazing girl on Craftster who makes pulshies and she and I did a personal swap. And oh boy did she ever deliver!! Bubblegum_Pheonix (aka Sasha) sent me a mini plush version of a Kiwi bird, a hedgehog hook holder (OMGYAYYYYYYYYYY), a nice little post card and a bracelet made of shells (which she bought, but it's still epic).

And I'm closing in on that last few projects from my first swap. I'm sorta stuck on the last large project. My hands keep cramping up and dying a little.

Oh, and I sold something! Not in the etsy shop but at church! My youth director bought the fused plactic bag that used to be listed in the shop. So now I have a little money to treat myself to some new yarn. Horray for yarn!

Other than that, it's beautiful outside and I think I just might go crochet in the sun. Ahhh, the joys of summer.

All my love,

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