Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Good things that I have failed to mention...

Good Thing Number 1:
I'm participating in my first ever toy drop with The Toy Society this Christmas. *points to button on the right sidebar below the mini shop* You'll have to check it out on the weekend right before Christmas.

I'm super excited about this. I love doing random acts of kindness and what better way of doing it than leaving a cute little hand made toy for somebody to take home? This is such a great project, I plan on participating in more toy drops after the crazy-time ends.

Good Thing Number 2:
Guess who is back? Thar't riiiiiiiiggggggghhhhtttt...
The cuttlefish is coming back to the Luck, Love, and Hedgehogs Design Shop. I got a request for on earlier this week and that request go me thinking, why haven't I made more cuttlefish? Hmmmmm, I don't know. So I have another project! Yay! Seriously, no sarcasm whatsoever was intended there. I love making stuff for people.
Good Thing Number 3:
As you can see from my Etsy-mini over there to the right *pokes sidebar*, I finally updated the shop!!!!!!!! YAY!!!! It's only two more items, but hey, I'm making progress...
Good Thing Number 4:
It's a SNOW DAY TODAY!!!!! YAY!!!!! I've gotten so much stuff done already. My room is all decorated for Christmas, I vacuumed, I did the dishes, and I updated the shop. Later Tara and I are going to make sugar cookies :3 I love the holiday season so much...
Good Thing Number 5:
I'm going to the Art Institute of Chicago tomorrow with my art class. Which means I'm not going to be at school, which means I'm not going to stress too much which means I can seriously enjoy the day in my favorite city. I do love winter in Chicago: The snow, the bell ringers in front of every shop, the cheeryness, the sales, the decorations, did I mention the snow? I mean, honestly, the flakes are GIMONGOUS there. Must be the Lake Effect...or something...
Hope you guys have tons of good things to list. Enjoy the snow, but stay safe. The roads are super super bad (hence the snow day, I suppose). Just stay home, put on your pjs, sip some cocoa, and get crafty.
All my love,
Carolyn Michelle

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sunnie fairy said...

Yay for toy society! I just discovered the Toy society thanks to you. Oh, and I love your cuttlefish! as for fiber freaks, I have been thinking and I might be able to do something at the end of February.