Friday, December 5, 2008

Oh, December!

It's cold here. Very very cold. I'm fairly certain that I'm one hundred percent NOT a polar bear.


Last night was quite an adventure since I went on my first ever college-type visit. Bubba picked me up after school and we drove to Northbrook (outside of Chicago) for the School of the Art Institute Chicago's (SAIC) Information day thingy at the Renaissance Hotel. It was splendid. Splendid, I say, splendid. I've been seriously considering going to an Art school for a while now and after this visit it seems like this actually could happen. I actually could go to school for the thing I love, get a job doing what I love, and make a living (you guessed it) doing what I love. Does this happen in real life?

I got some information on Summer Courses that SAIC offers. I think...I hope...I'm goint to be taking a course in fashion design this summer....

I am beside myself with giddy joy. School girl-like joy. Chicago...studying fashion...and getting college a junior in high school. Like I said, does this really happen in real life???

In other news, tomorrow Tara and I are going to do a fun sister-bonding-and-shopping-for-Christmas-stuff day. I'm pretty pumped. We just have to babysit from 10:30 am- Noon for Eliana and Dylan. Not bad. We sat for them again tonight..and now I'm sitting for Riley and Shelby and Avery. Not going to lie, I love using Jen's laptop. (if you are reading this Jen, thanks!!!)

In other other news, I have my whole Spain/France 2009 trip paid for. THANK YOU MRS. WEBB FOR YOUR AMAZING FUNDRAISING POWERS!!! Seriously, my art teacher is brilliant. My whole trip, totally paid for, thanks to fundraising. Wow. Lot's of work, but oh so worht it. I can't wait for the moment I see the eiffel tower all lit up in all it's glory in the Paris night air. Oh, poetic.

Crafting has been s.l.o.w. thanks to the ever-time-consuming skeleton project for Anatomy and Physiology. It's due on Monday so hopefully that'll clear up my schedule a great deal. What a shame I am. Not updating my shop and such. Lame child I am. Mhmhmh.

Okay, that's all the stuff I've got for now. Stay warm guys, drive safely and avoid telephone poles. Please.

All my love,


Jenn said...

You had it nice and warm for me. Its sitting on my lap right now. I love it, too! Glad the girls were good for you and you had a chance to enjoy it! DRIVE CAREFUL!

elishacopeland said...

it is cold, props to polar bears and being able to stay "warm" i do get hand cramps sometimes....hyper crochet, that's a good term to use lol