Sunday, December 21, 2008

Winter, as I know it

On December 20th, I completed my secret mission: the Toy Society Christmas Toy Drop. Read all bout it on their blog here and see if my toy has been posted/found yet! I'm really excited about this, I actually cannot wait to see if I hear from anybody.(:

The Christmas season in officially in full swing here in Hedgehog land. The 20th was my first "Christmas" celebration of the year. I partied with my dad's side of the family at the famous Grandma Kay's house. Sadly, Tara and Bubba were sick and stayed home to rest. The snow is really drifting and blowing here, making life crazy. More crazy...I suppose...

Also, my cousins Alicia and Joel are back. Visiting and such. I really miss seeing them with more regularity, even if it was only ever once a year. I haven't see Alicia since 2002. That's a loooong time when you think about it. In five years I've gone from middle school to high school, from riding to driving, from single to...wait, no, I'm still single. Okay so some things never change.

One thing that I wouldn't mind a change from is this super-deep-crazy-lunatic cold weather. Ug. It is so cold here that my pipes froze! Yup. You know the water pipes leading to the washing machine? Yeah. Frozen. My poor father is working on them right now. I have no idea where this winter season thinks it's headed with this sadistic weather. Definatly not winning any points with ME. And just when I was getting into the whole snow thing.

Hope you guys are warm, safe, and festive.

And crafty. Very very crafty. :D

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