Monday, November 17, 2008

The finished hoodie

So, since I was feeling miserably sick and pathetic today, I stayed home....and finished the hoodie I've been working on for about forever and a half. It's DIVINE, my friends, divine. All done up in double crochet with 'Sky' 'homespun' yarn by Lion Brand and caron 'naturals' in lavender for the cutsey scalloped edging. Sooo soft, sooo warm. I just kind of made the pattern up as I went...not thinking to write it down. Can you say, duh?! What a foolish move. Regardless, this hoodie is epic-tastic. The pics really don't do it justice because my camera is crap and I am not allowed to use the oober nice one because I'm "sick." Uh-huh. Sure. I just think Tara doesn't wanna share. :P

Being sick is worthless. My nose feels like it's gonna 'splode off my face any second now. uggggggg. I'll be going to school tomorrow, though. I can't afford to miss Art III. We're doing our annual self-portraits in oils this year. If you get behind on the portrait you are SOL for the rest of the year. Seriously.
Shipped off the cuttlefish yesterday, can't wait for the lucky customer to get it!!!
Hope you guys don't get anything like I've got. *sneeze* It's not worth it.

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elishacopeland said...

that's really cute! wish i had the patience to do clothing ;D