Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thanksgiving Weekend in Pictures:

Hey guys.

I've been noting how short on pictures I am in this blog. This weekend I made a special point to take lots of pictures to documant the good times had by all. Here they are!! Nothing terribly craftey this time. Like I said, I'm WAYYYY behind on listing stuff and getting stuff done and man, I don't wanna stress right now. Without further ado, the first 'This Day In Pictures' post:

November 27: Thanksgiving
This year was my family's year to go to Cousin Mary's for Thanksgiving Dinner. We had a lovely time with Grandma Kay, Grandpa Tom, Mary, Aunt Carrie, Uncle Ed, Cousin Rachael, her husband Jaben and their kids Elianna and Dylan. The food was splendid and the crocheting after dinner was just as good. Especially thanks to Elianna's entertaining antics. She's such a drama queen! Wonder where she get's THAT from. hee hee...must run in the family. Left to right: Festive place settings, bubba crocheting a pillow, Eliana telling a story, Grandma Kay in the kitchen.

November 28: My 17th Birthday & Black Friday Shopping

Grandma Beth, Tara, Bubba, Aunt Michelle and her two boys, and I all braved the stores on Black Friday. Or as Bubba calls it, Black and Blue Friday. Kohl's wasn't so bad when we went at 10 am. Got some good deals and such. After shopping we stopped at Grandma's for Turkey Day leftovers and I made myself a little Birthday Treat...candle-lit mashed potatoes. Yummmmmyyy! Left to Right: The sales, my potatoes, and making a wish.

November 29: (Today) Babysitting & Minty Hippo

This morning I woke up bright and early to go with Tara and babysit for our cousins (Rachael's kids, Elianna and Dylan) in Rockford. It was quite a blessing to have some peace and quiet while the kids napped. Plus I was a super sneak and got this cute shot:

My friends and I like to do strange, surprising, wierd celebration-type things to each other on our birthdays. I thought I had escaped my 17th unscathed but...I was wrong. This evening, about an hour ago, I was 'Belated Birthday Kidnapped' by my friends Kera and Sammi. They showed up at my house (wearing masks) and forcably escorted me to a car. They then drove me down my road, turned around, and took me home for frozen strawberry pie. Yum. My parents were in on the whole thing, of course. Earlier today, it was dubbed: Opperation Minty Hippo. Left to Right: My pie, Kera cutting my pie, and Sammi decorating my kitchen after the kidnapping.

Whew! What a weekend! Hope you guys are less tired than I am!!!

All my love,
Carolyn Michelle.

[Edit-The pics are really poorly aligned because SOMETHING is messed up. I dunno what it is. Rawr, computers.]

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Jenn said...

Oh Carolyn! Happpy Belated 17th Birthday!!!!! I had it on my calendar and everything! I remember being 17 and thought it was the best age! Much better than 18! Enjoy and we'll celebrate with you soon.