Saturday, November 8, 2008

A story about my head, and MORE new items...

Last time I updated, I neglected to mention a slightly strange story about my head:

Monday I woke up with an odd, pounding sensation in my cranial region. I get frequent migraines, but this was quite different. Almost like I'd been bashed over the head, which I hadn't (to my knowledge). Hmm. Took some generic Advil, went to school. Pain and suffering. Complained a little to Bubba. More aspirin, went to bed. Tuesday...woke up, the pain was STILL THERE. Greeeeaaat. More pain killers and off to school. It was atrocious. Whenever I laughed, spoke loudly, turned my head, sat up, or yawned I got a ridiculous painful sensation in the right side of my head. That evening my dear friend Sammi drove me into Rockford and I went to Physician's Immediate Care. Fun fun. They gave me an injection for the pain (which, at that point, was very mild) and a prescription for ketorolac, aka toradol (aka tortellini, if you are me). Major pain killer. I picked up my prescription and went off to lalalaland. Wednesday came and went. School was out for the week, so I just chilled at home. Blah blah blah...the pain in my head continued through today, and now the toradol has stopped dulling the pain. My head doesn't hurt SUPER's just annoying. We'll see. I have a consultation with the pediatric neurologist coming up as well an MRI. Joy, joy.

In other news:

The two items I finished last night will be posted tonight...if all goes well. In addition to those new spiffies, we have a debute designer contributing her first work to the LLH Design shop! Give it up for Tara Lea! She is a well-versed fiber artist specializing in thread-crochet (ie- doily making) as well as a budding photographer. And, for the record, she's my sister. :D

Check out her first piece in the Luck, Love, and Hedgehogs Design shop later this evening!

Another wearable has been finished by yours truely, but that piece won't be listed until later tomorrow. Lil Miss Photographer needs to take some pics of it before I can list it.

Go look at the goodies!!!

All my love,
Carolyn Michelle

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