Wednesday, November 26, 2008

My head in a tube, Turkey Day, and something splendid

Last night was my MRI and it was pretty intense. I've been in quite a mood lately. You know how sometimes you are in a really really really bad mood and you are totally aware of it? Yeah. That was me. Not pleasent. I didn't even want to be around myself. ANYWAYS. Went in for the MRI at 7 pm. Yeah pm. Kinda awkward, but oh well, right? They do the talking thing, "blah blah blah sign this blah blah.." and we go down to radiology. I lay down (blindfolded because of my claustrophobia) and the scans begin. Twenty or so minutes later, they pull me out and inject the contrast (aka dye) through my hand. OUCH. I'm so so so bruised on that hand now. Gross.

Two more scans and I was done. I walk with the nurse out to the waiting area to meet up with Bubba. Well, apparently the nurse presiding over my MRI had been on the phone chatting away about lip balm, parties, and her friends in LA. Nice. Seriously, Bubba was so incredibly mad...she chewed the nurse a new one right there in the waiting room. I had no idea what was going on since I had spent the last half hour in a tube. When I finally figured it out I was pretty heated, too. Seriously? Personal calls while you are doing somebody's freaking MRI? What's with that??

I digress.

Tomorrow is my favorite holiday of all times, Thanksgiving. Mhmmm. The food, the weather, the people. It's just all so good. Bubba and Tara have been doing fall-colored crocheting lately. Both of them are using the same yarn: Incredible by Lion Brand in yummy maroon-brown verigated. Very autumnal of those two, indeed. It puts me in the mood to cozy up on the couch with them and make lots of scarves. Hopefully tomorrow I'll have a ton of time between eating and improv games with my cousins to do some serious crocheting. The shop is soooooo far behind and oh-dear-goodness it's almost Black Friday.

And my 17th birthday, at that.

Ooooooohhhhh boy.

All I can say is:


In keeping with my title, the 'something splendid' would be going to see Twilight in about...twenty minutes. I'm pretty stoaked, actually. Lately I've been so FED UP with hearing about squealing fan-girls, Edward, vampires, Twilight and (gah) Bella. I mean, come on! I read the book when it first came out and I was obsessed then.'s so overdone and popular theat any desire for me to obsess about the film is all but gone. I've heard it wasn't very good. But at this point, I don't really care. I'm getting out of the HOUSE!!!!!! YAYYYY!!!!

I've gone a bit stir-crazy over the last week.

Maybe I'll take a project or two in my purse in case the movie really blows. Hahahaha. I think I will.

Happy Turkey Day! Gotta go.

Love you guys,


elishacopeland said...

thanks (on the necklace) i wanted to buy the marie antoinette costume while it was on sale but i didnt :(--------anyways! didnt really get into the twilight thing must be before my high school time? lol, hope it's good. good god on the black friday still crocheting! happy thanksgiving hope i didnt ramble about myself too much :\

Coralee said...

Happy birthday, Carolyn!!! Hope you have a good bd.......and you didn't eat too much turkey!!